Why Zumax Microscope ???

Zumax dental microscope is an important tool that allows for better visualization through magnification of objects. microscopes enhance precision which not only enhances the quality of the work, but also helps ensure long-term dental health of the patient It also increase the success rate for each treatment . Its so important for showing the patient the caries, inflammation, any other kind of problems in his mouth And he can watch all the procedures starting from diagnosis till end of the treatment The patient can get cd or flash memory contain video for the treatment It help the dentist to document his work As full hd pictures and full hd videos Microscope is so important for showing the caring parents in case of pediatrics the whole treatment process Microscope is the perfect tool for dental marketing as it help the dentist to show all kind of the treatments as before and after pictures and videos in social media platforms and as billboards There is some treatment can’t be done without dental microscopes as broken files inside canals , missing canal orifices treating of stripping and perforations . Finally it’s important in saving time of the dentist and enhance ergonomics

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