SHOFU Packable Composites

BEAUTIFIL II Packable Composite

A fluoride releasing, highly aesthetic dental material for all classes of restorations. Eight-year University of Florida clinical study published in JADA showed no secondary caries, no failures, no post-operative sensitivity and high retention of color match and luster S-PRG (Surface Pre-reacted Glass Ionomer) technology – ability to recharge fluoride Appropriate for patients with a high caries index Excellent fluorescence and light diversifying aesthetics Eliminates shade variations associated with polymerization High level of radiopacity Enamel-like surface hardness

Beautifil II LS Packable Composite

Indicated for all classes of restorations, I-V, Beautifil II LS is a firm but easy handling, stackable, non-sticky universal composite that has been formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage and resultant shrinkage stress. With superior durability and aesthetics, ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations, Beautifil II LS, delivers predictable clinical efficacy and maximum performance characteristics. Award-winning handling – stackable and non-sticky Polishes in an instant Sustained fluoride release/recharge with bioactive Giomer technology Great strength and high wear resistance Tooth-like aesthetics with natural fluorescence and chameleon effect Low volumetric shrinkage (0.85%) and shrinkage stress (2.72 MPa)

Beautifil II Gingiva

Beautifil II Gingiva shades, with the proprietary bioactive Giomer Technology, are intended for the cervical area, specifically—the aesthetic correction of gingival recession, wedge-shaped defects, exposed cervical areas, splinting, and re-balancing of pink aesthetics. Beautifil II Gingiva resin composites can be blended and layered to produce custom shades that will help effectively address patient’s clinical needs. Aesthetic gingiva reproduction—recession, exposed abutments and PFM crown margins, root erosion and lost papilla Shades are designed to meet the needs of all ethnicities Aesthetic solutions without surgery Perfect for Class V restorations

Beautifil II Gingiva Shades


Beautifil II Enamel

Beautifil II Enamel direct resin composites were developed as an addition to the award-winning Beautifil II, a fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nano-hybrid composite in dentin shades. The chameleon-like optical characteristics of the enamel tones allow for creating polychromatic restorations with morphology and aesthetics of natural teeth, chairside, providing the clinicians with a cost-effective alternative to ceramic veneers. The white-colored Beautifil II Enamel can be layered and blended together to deliver results that will mimic natural dentition. Achieve highly aesthetic direct restorations with minimal shade selections Create natural aesthetics with a simplified method for shade modification Modeled after the porcelain color concept—easy color matching Direct veneers made easy