Relaxed-Fit Insti-Dam Latex-Free​

Relaxed-Fit Insti-Dam works well for hard to reach posterior teeth​ Folds easily to the side so you can take radiographs without removing the dam​ Compact design fits outside patients lips, making it non-threatening and comfortable for patients​ Disposable​ Pre-assembled​ Dimensions: 4-1/4" Diameter​

Insti-Dam Latex-Free

Built-in flexible frame with pre-punched hole​ 1/2" offset pre-punched hole makes positioning easy​ Compact design fits outside patients lips; non-threatening and comfortable for patients​ Radiographs may be taken without removing the rubber dam by folding it to the side​ Single-use only​ Pre-assembled​ Dimensions: 4-1/4" Diameter

Mr. Thirsty One-Step​

Hands-free retraction, isolation and evacuation provided by one simple device! Attach Mr.Thirsty® to your exisiting HVE, perform the procedure, and dispose when done! Rather than time spent on sterilizing or tracking number of uses, it can be spent on additional procedures, daily tasks or catching a break! According to a time and motion study, Mr.Thirsty® can reduce chair time up to 29%! • Built-in bite block for patient comfort ​ • Connects directly to HVE Valve ​ • Keeps work environment dry ​ • Fully Assembled ​ • Latex-Free Small Mr. Thirsty One-Step Pedo​ Medium Mr. Thirsty One-Step​ Large Mr. Thirsty One-Step​​