Zumax Microscope

The Real Elegance Zumax 3200

Prof \ Khaled Balto - Certificate of endodontics from Harvard school of dental medicine and Doctor of Science degree in Oral biology-immunology from Harvard University, school of medicine. - Awarded the Alvin Krakow award from Harvard University for outstanding achievements in research, clinical care, and professionalism in endodontics. - Aprofessor and chair of endodontics at King Abdulaziz University Prof \ Khaled Balto chose Zumax twice First as our Zumax 0MS 2380 Then Zuman OMS 3200 with 3D Cam

Specialist‘s First choice

Prof \ Mohamed Saad PhD Endodontics ain shams university Aprofessor of endodontics at Ain shams university Endospecialist for Soliman Fakeh Hospitals and Clinics chose Zumax OMS 3200 in his Clinic as the device which will fullfill his exptional Hand Skills in Root Canal Treatment.

WHY ? Zumax OMS 3200

* FreeMov Electromagnetic System * Motorized zoom system * Magnification range: 1.8x-20x with 12.5x eyepieces * Tube: 0°-180° inclinable binocular tube with PD knobs or MagPlus 1.5 0°-180° inclinable binocular tube with PD knobs , boosts magnification by 50% * Motorized VarioDist Objective Lens * Variable working distance 200-450mm * BriPlus Illumination System: Integrated true color LED illumination CT5000K /CRI92>80000 Lux at working distance 250mm 30% auto-increased intensity at maximum magnific >105000 Lux Twin Switchable LEDs illumination * FluoDet Fluorescence Module * Multi-functional handles: lock/unlock three brakes, joysticks for Motorized Zoom +/-, Motorized focus +/-, four buttons for taking photo/video, lighting +/- Multi-function Footpedal (optional): Motorized Zoom +/-, Motorized focus +/-, taking photo/video, lighting +/- * SmartMon LCD display: displaying current working distance, zoom factor, magnification, measurement factor, LED brightness * Laser Filter * Integrated 2D/3D Video System

Zumax OMS 3200



Zumax OMS 2380 Every Dentist Dream Package Microscope

Dr\ Ayman Mandorah Head of Endodontic Department ,Taif University Our Talented Endodontist,Distinguished Researcher and Great Professor Dr. ayman while using his own Zumax OMS2380 in his Clinic

The Dream Package OMS2380

0-180 deg inclinable binocular tube with PD adjusting knob Integrated LED illumination 70000 Lux Integrated Full HD camera with SD memory card & USB Integrated VarioDist Objective Lens Variable working distance 200-450mm Continous Zoom magnification changer 120 deg Super Balancing Arm Fluid Motion Wide Field Eyepieces with Diopter Green,Yellow Filters & illumination spots Integrated Laser Filter (optional) Mobile,Camera Adaptors (optional) Twin Flash light for Profesional pictures (optional)




When Simplicity carried to an extreme

Zumax OMS 2350 Never failed to draw smiles

Zumax OMS 2350

0-120 deg inclinable binocular tube Integrated LED illumination 70000 Lux 6-Step magnification changer Wide Field Eyepieces with Diopter Green,Yellow Filters VarioDist Objective 190-300mm(optional) Mobile,Camera Adaptors (optional) Integrated Full HD (optional)