Dental Dam




Sanctuary Powder-free Latex Green and Blue Dental Dam​

The Significance of Being Powder-free and Low Protein​ Plant proteins present in natural rubber may cause irritation and allergy to some people, causing negative and adverse reactions. These reactions and allergies are significantly and drastically reduced by reducing the protein levels and eliminating powder residues of natural rubber products during production, thus making such products safer and more accessible.​

Sanctuary Powder-free Latex Silk Blue Dental Dam​

Developed for better vision comfort by reducing eye fatigue from reflection of procedure lighting from long hours of concentration. The color provides comfort to the eyes and helps to maintain better vision during procedure

Sanctuary Powder-free ​ Latex Pink Dental Dam​

High Tear Tolerance​ Sanctuary Dental Dam is specially designed to be resilient, with a high tear tolerance to allow for the easy fixing of clamps. It is the world’s first latex dental dam which is powder-free and low protein, making it the excellent choice for professional use.​

Sanctuary Powder-free Latex Black Dental Dam​

Sanctuary Latex Black Dental Dam offers better contrast, it is a great alternative for dental photography compared to conventional colored dental dams. The Sanctuary Black Dental Dam is also designed for optimum photographic outcome which is a big plus for dentist to have a better and clearer study on the particular tooth.

Sanctuary Powder-free Non-latex Purple Dental Dam​

Sanctuary’s non-latex dental dam is made from Polyisoprene, a material which very closely resembles rubber. It has a similar polymer structure and physical properties as natural rubber minus the potential allergen of latex protein.​