Anterior Matrices

The Bioclear Matrix

The Bioclear Matrix’s anatomic shape allows for a predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile. The matrix is easily used wedge free. When placed into the sulcus, the matrix is stabilized and marginally sealed by the papilla.


Bioclear Anterior Matrices allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry. They have less curvature than the Diastema Closure Matrices and are used for everyday restorative dentistry as well as in aesthetic treatments where small spaces need to be filled.

Diastema Closure

The Diastema Closure Matrices are for creating new and exaggerated emergence profiles, closing diastema larger than 1mm, and for large black triangles. The Diastema Closure Matrices have more curvature than the Anterior Matrices. Combining papilla regeneration with space closure is the key to optimal diastema closure.